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Who are we?

Everyone’s finances are different, which is why our focus is providing exceptional personal service.
At Vestra Wealth you’re more than a client, you’re part of a community working to achieve your financial goals.


We listen to you so we can understand your unique needs and provide transparent advice to help you make the best choices. We’ll provide ongoing support to keep you on track and you can count on our knowledge and experience throughout your financial journey. And because we believe looking after your finances should be as simple as possible, we can take care of your superannuation, investment, debt management, insurance and estate planning needs.


At Vestra Wealth, we want to empower you to take control of your finances.

What we offer


Client Testimonials

Lissy provided me with advice on my insurance and superannuation. Lissy was great at explaining things to me in a clear way. Through Lissy's knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for my needs. Since I actioned Lissy's advice, her and her team have been very attentive and timely with any queries I had.


There are plenty of advisers who are self interested. Lissy Wood is definitely NOT one of them. Her care and empathy and genuine concern to do what is right for her client is second to none. If every adviser had the knowledge, accessibility, integrity and humility that Lissy has the industry would be in a far better place. Thanks Lissy for everything you do.


We wanted to have a financial advisor in our area and we found Lissy. Lissy went through everything and put us on a path that saw us fully covered. You never know what is around the corner and something did happen in our family. It has been a long road and still will be. If we did not have the advice and act on that advice. We would have had to make very big decisions and changes that would have not been good for all of our family. Lissy continues to act on our behalf, she is an email or phone call away. We truly appreciate what she has done for us.


I cannot believe the level of personalised service that I receive. It provides a feeling of much-needed security; peace of mind for me as an older single woman. While friends agonise over their super and leave meetings with their advisers feeling disconcerted more often than not, I don’t have to deal with any of that.


In the many years I have been dealing with Lissy Wood I have found Lissy to be very honest, straight to the point no rubbish approach with our finance and insurance needs. Lissy's knowledge and understanding of the Agri sector and family farming is a huge support. I have no problem in referring Lissy to friends and family, so much so I have passed Lissy's name to quite a few friends already.


Lissy has given me advice in Superannuation and retirement planning, she has also assisted me greatly in making a claim on my current Income Protection. I was on leave from my current work place and was not ready to return but had to due to financial reasons, she took the time to research my current level of cover and found that I had cover that I could use until I was ready to return. We then looked at my Super and she has found that she can save me money and structure better to ensure that I have enough to retire on. I am confident that I have received good advice and Lissy’s care and attention has been excellent.